review: presentation of the software to sell its products online is a SAAS software (software as a service) created by a French entrepreneur, Aurélien Amacker. This CRM (Customer Relationship Management) thus gathers several tools that allow to automate and optimize its Internet sales with sales funnels. I’m going to give you a presentation and give my opinion on because I think it’s a very good alternattive to Clickfunnels to sell online. Thus, it is used to realize sales after a registration on a capture page by intuitively guiding the visitor (prospect) from the presentation of the offer (sales page) to the realization of the sale (order form). Each step in this process can vary according to the prospect’s behavior in order to maximize conversions. It also has an integrated autoresponder to accompany this sales process with an e-mail campaign to guide the prospect in his buying act in order to build customer loyalty.

Thus, it allows to put online and sell training, coaching or physical products. This is why, if you are an infopreneur, an entrepreneur, if you do dropshipping, if you are an artist, a coach, a shopkeeper or a freelancer, from the moment you have something to sell, starting with will help you to automate and optimize your activity.

I will review, I will give an opinion with the advantages and also the disadvantages of this software. I will also give you an introduction to this tool created by Aurélien Amacker to create sales funnels.

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What is the function of ? is a SAAS software (Software as a service) of LMS (learning management system) created by Aurélien Amacker, which allows you to manage the entire marketing of your business on the Internet. It allows you to sell your service or product automatically. It is an all-in-one tool that brings together all the functionalities of your digital marketing.

This selling mechanism has several names such as :

  • sales funnels.
  • Conversion funnel.
  • Funnel.
  • Funnel marketing.

A direct competitor of the best software of its kind such as Clickfunnels, it allows you to create your Webmarketing without having to be a Web expert to master the software, or even to know how to program. Once logged in, you can access a complete video tutorial that allows you to get closer to the features and also to hear advice on using the platform. is undoubtedly the best alternative to Clickfunnels in terms of value for money.

What does SAAS software mean?

SAAS is an acronym for software as a service. Thus, software as a service could be translated as software as a service.

How does it work?

It is software that will be made available to users without the need to install anything on their computer. The software is hosted on a remote server or the cloud. Users can use it by generally paying a monthly or annual subscription to use it.

What does CRM mean?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. It is a set of devices, marketing tools or elements aimed at maintaining a good customer relationship, converting and also building loyalty in order to analyze and optimize the revenue or value of a customer.

The different functionalities of functionalities allows you to manage the marketing of your company by offering you :

  • capture forms, capture pages (optin) or pop-ups. So that people can subscribe to your newsletter thanks to a bonus, your offer or your member space.
  • An autoresponder. To communicate about your offers with automated email campaigns.
  • The creation of sales funnels. To accompany your prospect towards a purchase.
  • To sell a service, a digital or physical product. Whatever your profession in retail, you can launch on the Internet and also set up a sales funnels to sell what you create in automatic 24 hours a day without staff.
  • Host your digital products. Customers have access to a secure area that allows them to follow the training or download your digital product.
  • Make affiliation. Even if you don’t have a product, you can use to generate revenue through affiliation.
  • Create a network of partners. If you have a product or service, you can create your own affiliate program to build a network of partners that will help you sell your products and services.
  • Manage invoices and VAT. You can edit invoices for your customers and manage the VAT rate to be applied on your products and services.
  • Statistics. Each functionality has a dashboard, which allows you to know and also to analyze all the statistics you need for the management of your online business.
  • Blog. You can create your blog without programming knowledge in an intuitive way.
  • Marketplace. Sell other people’s products and get a percentage of the sale.

These are the main features of, which is constantly evolving.

The autoresponder

autoresponder makes you benefit from an autoresponder integrated in its offer. Thus, it is an autoresponder powerful enough for the sending of your newsletters, your e-mailing campaigns and your automated messages. This solution is managed thanks to the Sendgrid operator.

The e-mail deliverability rate has increased overall since its inception thanks to a $15,000 investment to improve this service and allows the sending of transactional e-mails in SMTP. In order to limit spam, freemiums (free accounts), customers and transactional emails use dedicated IPs specific to each one.

You can connect Sendgrid through an API key if you wish to go through your own account. However, it is a shame not to be able to use this API key to be able to integrate the autoresponder of your choice. integrates a verification of e-mail addresses before subscriber registration in your lists in order to act on the wrong e-mail addresses to reduce the spam score of your mailings. Thus, it verifies the :


You can use your autoresponder to send your newsletters, create automatic messages (campaigns) or send behavioral emails using the « workflow » function of or automation rules.

When you have a freemium account, you cannot integrate an external link in your e-mails. This is the only option not available in this case.

You can invite people and thus manually add them to your contacts or import an existing contact list using a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. You can also add contacts using capture forms that can be found as a pop-up on a site or a capture page (optin page) at the entrance of a sales funnels for example.

Contacts are managed in a single list. The contacts are differentiated thanks to the use of tags (labels, notes) that allow you to segment your list in order to send messages to a defined part of your audience. If you are subscribed to an autoresponder that manages several lists, such as Getresponse for example, you will have to assign a tag to each list to be able to import it as a unique list in autoresponder review

The Sendgrid auto-responder has a correct deliverability rate and a well thought-out workflow creation component. It’s also relatively easy to get started for someone who knows nothing about it. The automation rules are easy to manage. The biggest regret is the impossibility of importing your own autoresponder. However, if you start your own business, this does not bring any constraint and, on the contrary, brings a certain advantage.

Disadvantages of the autoresponder
  • Autoresponder imposed.
The advantages of the autoresponder
  • Perfect integration.
  • Workflow.
  • Automation rules.
  • The single contact list that simplifies contact management.
Communication with the autoresponder system io

The dashboard

When you log in, you go directly to your main dashboard. This allows you to have a global vision of the evolution of your online business.

The data is presented in a beautiful graphical form and the various figures are easily understandable. The interface is rather uncluttered which makes the whole thing very pleasant to consult.

You can select a period for which you want the statistics. By default the period is one month (30 days).

On this dashboard you can see the following data:

  • the number of new contacts.
  • The number of payments received.
  • The live activity.

The number of new contacts

You can find different information about your contacts:

  • the number of contacts : indicates th number of peopla on your list via capture pages, opt-in and form.
  • The people you added manually.
  • the graphical representation of the number of subscribers : you allow you to see the variations of subscriptions over the days during this period.
  • The total enrollment over a period is also in numbers.

The display appears according to the period you have previously selected.

The number of payments received

If you sell products or training courses, the total of sales made appears as a numerical total and also as a graph representing the different daily evolutions according to the period you have defined. This allows you to analyze the performance of your Webmarketing.

Live activity

On the right side of the screen you can see a detailed history of the latest activities on your account, such as the latest registrants. The display appears as a notification, which makes it easy to read the whole thing.

Systeme io dashboard review

There’s not much to say about the dashboard, the interface is uncluttered to its maximum and offers a very good visibility of the different statistics.

The design is meticulous. We could try to find out the conversion rates of the funnels (just the entry/exit rate of the funnel, or a global rate of all the funnels for example).

However, it is possible to go to each of the funnels to display the detailed statistics. This can be a bit « long » if you have a lot of funnels to monitor. has chosen to separate each piece of data.

Thus, for autoresponder statistics you need to go to the « e-mails » tab, for sales funnels: the « funnel » tab, for affiliation: the « dashboard » tab then « affiliate table » and finally the « dashboard » tab allows you to access your account statistics.

The advantages of the dashboard of

Nothing to report, it is sober and readable.

The advantages of the dashboard of
  • Clean and efficient design.
  • The ease of reading statistics.
  • The live display.

The sales funnels

sales tunnel with

Building a sales funnels can sometimes be intimidating when you’ve never created one before. has been designed to make this task as easy as possible for you.

Select your sales funnels on

First of all, you need to determine the purpose of your sales funnel before it is built. Then, choose the desired currency and choose from one of the following four possibilities:

  • build your audience.
  • Sell your products.
  • Cusotmized sales funnel.
  • Webinar.
Build your audience

The first available option allows you to create a sales funnel in order to attract visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and thus make your e-mail list grow. The audience creation is composed of two pages :

  • a capture page.
  • a thank you page.

You can of course add pages if you wish, but for this purpose it is usually sufficient. The capture page is a form that allows the visitor to give their email address and first name, while the thank you page tells them that they have been added to the list. It is displayed immediately after registration.

Sell your products

The second option allows you to sell a digital or physical product or service. This sales funnels is composed of two pages:

  • an order form.
  • The thank you page.

Of course, to complete these two pages, you can add for example a capture page and a sales page using the available templates.

Custom funnel

This third option allows you to give free rein to your imagination and also to deploy all your creativity in the construction of complex sales funnels. No page is predefined here. You create your funnel marketing from A to Z by adding as many pages as you want.


Finally, the webinar option allows visitors to subscribe to a webinar replay. only offers evergreen webinars. This option consists of three pages :

  • The webinar registration.
  • Athank you page.
  • The page for the webinar replay.

As for the other sales funnels, you can of course add other pages if you want.

Building its sales funnel on Systeme io

create a sales tunnel

Once you have selected the type of funnel to be created, you must now build it. Let’s talk a little bit about what is available to you for this.

The templates

The number of templates available to build your pages is very limited. However, you can fully customize them to fit your product or service. Thus, you only need to import the corresponding images to integrate them on your pages. You have customizable templates to create :

  • a capture page.
  • A form.
  • Pop-up forms.
  • Thank you page.
  • A sale page.
  • A payment page.
  • The upsells.
  • Donwnsells.
  • Webinar registration page.
  • An information page.

The page builder or page editor uses a powerful and extremely easy to use page builder (page builder or page editor) to facilitate the construction of your pages.

The page builder is inspired by the Thrives Architect plugin. If you don’t like it, it looks like the one used by the Elementor plugin. Thus, you move elements directly to your page by drag and drop or directly on the page by adding various content blocks such as paragraphs, video, titles, call to action buttons, etc.

You can then adjust the different settings of the blocks using the left side panel of the page. The settings are made by manipulating sliders or by directly entering the desired values in the corresponding boxes.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to read a dictionary to understand the different functions. It is very intuitive to use and takes only five minutes to learn.

Automation rules

Automation rules are used to perform an action each time your prospect arrives on one of your pages in your sales funnels. For each page, you need to define a trigger and an action to take. For example: « Register on the page (optin) » as a trigger and « Subscribe to the campaign » as an action. This means that a person who subscribes is added to the contact list. Remember to add a tag to know from which of your funnels your subscriber has subscribed.

The sequence of emails for your sales funnel

mail sequence for a sales tunnel

There would be no marketing funnel without an accompanying e-mail sequence. On you have two possibilities to create the sending of e-mails from your sales funnels.

You can simply send a simple email when a subscriber signs up or use the autoresponder workflow to trigger an automatic email sequence that will send emails based on the prospect’s behavior. For example, you can resend a message that has not been opened, send your prospect to a page when he clicks on a link while he will receive another e-mail if he has not clicked the link, etc.

Payment options

You can easily integrate different payment methods into your sales funnels depending on the purpose of the funnel. The payment methods accepted on are the following:

  • Paypal.
  • Stripe.
  • Transferwise for automated affiliate payment.

To add the payment method, you have to click on « parameter » (gear icon) in your sales funnels. You can create payments in several times, single or subscription (recurring). You can add a deferral in the payment to allow your customer to test the product for a certain period of time before cashing out his purchase. It is also possible to determine the payment schedule for a subscription or installment payment. In this case, the date of the first installment defines the date of the next installment. i.e. if your customer to purchase on April 18th, the next installment defined will be the 18th of the current month.

If you are selling a physical product, you can indicate the VAT rate to be applied to the object you are selling and select the currency to be used.

Review on the sales funnels on

The sales funnels part is logical, the construction of the pages is very visual which makes it easy to set up the sales funnel. The set is complete and easy to handle even for a novice. The design of the interface is rather nice and ergonomic. Nothing special to report, it is well done, well thought out and also easy to use. Note the very useful option that allows you to share your sales funnels in one click. 

Disadvantages of sales funnels
  • The tempate numbers, although avaible, are customizable.
The advantages of’s sales funnels
  • The personalization of the pages.
  • Simple to understand and use.
  • The personalization of payments.
  • The possibility to add ipsells and downsells.
  • Is a good aleternative to Clickfunnels

Sell a physical product for e-commerce or dropshipping.

sell a physical product with system io has provided a feature that will allow you to sell a physical product through sales funnels. Thus, it is a feature that you can use if you are a craftsman, artist, in e-commerce, in the sale of products in dropshipping or trainer. We will see the « sale » part and the « order » part of the pages needed to build your offer.
The sale of products

You access this function in the top menu, on the « sale » tab. Then click on « product ».

You arrive on the list of products that are already on sale, at the beginning this list is empty. On the right, you will find a button  » create « .

You can enter different information for your product:

  • the name of the product.
  • The VAT rate to be applied (by default the VAT rate of your country is automatically displayed).
  • A variant.

A variant can be compared to a folder in which you will want to indicate all the options available for the sale of your product.

Let’s imagine that you sell a sweater, you will then create a variant and put all the available colors for the item in it. This way customers will be able to know and choose the model that corresponds to them.

When you create this variant, you will find a « product » block in your page builder. Thus, you can add all the variants of the product by a simple drag and drop on your sales page or your payment page.

The orders

Orders on systeme io

In order to track your physical product orders, you will need to go to your payment page or your order form page.

At the bottom of these pages, you have a section called « resources ». These are resources that will be allocated directly after a purchase. For example, this is where you will specify the tag to add to your customer for your e-mail list, start an e-mail campaign, etc.

In the case we are interested in, you have to select « physical product » and then the product in question.

In this way, each time a sale is made on this product, it will appear in the reviews of your orders. This will give you an overview of processed and unprocessed orders.

Note that if you have inserted the « product » block on your order form or your sales page, the order amount on the order form is automatically updated according to the quantities and also the products chosen. You have therefore directly a global price of the purchase which is displayed.

You can also export orders using a CSV file by date and by products. This allows you to work on your list using a spreadsheet program such as OpenCalc (Open Office).

If you do dropshipping, you can send this CSV file directly to your supplier to execute the order. Please note that does not support Shopify integration at this time.

Notice on the sale of physical products on

Another ultra simple method to sell a product. The technique is reduced to its maximum.

The disadvantages of selling a physical product on
  • You can only orde rproduct of the same kind in number with the product block. You cannot indicate for example 2 T-shirts size « S » and one T-shirt size « XL ».
  • The default design of the « product » block.
Advantages to sell a physical product on
  • The simplicity of creating the caracterstics of its physical product.
  • The management of VAT.
  • The possibility to add variants on its products.
  • Quickly sell your product.

Create a blog with

create a blog with

If you don’t have a website or blog, you can do it here. Indeed, you have the possibility to create a blog. It will be hosted by and is included in your subscription.

You will have the choice of only one template to create your blog. However, you can adapt it to your taste. It is possible, for example, to allow you to post comments at the bottom of the page or categories.

The creation of your blog pages is done using the same page builder used for the sales funnels. You write your texts in the same way as in Write for example, but with more options.

The « blog » part is experimentation, it is something to use for troubleshooting or to quickly launch an activity, but it will not replace a solution like WordPress.

However, it is not a useless option. A good trick if you want to do affiliate marketing on a product, you can quickly concern a small simple blog on the subject. To redirect people from a Facebook ad or promo for example.

This part is not the strong point of, at the same time it’s not its primary vocation, it’s a plus and it’s free in your plan. We don’t have the same needs to create a real blog or a sales page.

The general menu of the blog is not at all user-friendly. It is undoubtedly a temporary menu.

A handy option you find here is the possibility to duplicate your blog. This way, if you spend time fine-tuning your blog, you can reuse your creation and adapt it to a new topic quickly. You can also share your blog via a link, like in a sales funnels. A useful option that can be used to monetize your services as a blog creator for people using

It is still too new, it is a beta version that needs time to be set up. Aurélien Amacker’s team is working hard and new features appear regularly.

Review on the create of blog with

For affiliation on a product the features are sufficient and you will get good results quickly if you are a minimal creative person.

Disadvantages of creating a blog on
  • There are not really any disadvantages, it is option that will be developed.
Disadvantages of creating a blog on
  • Quickly create a small niche site.

Create trainings training

One of the primary goals of creating a sales funnel is to be able to sell your trainings.

To do so, offers you the possibility to create your own member space in order to host your digital e-learning trainings. Thus, it is an option included in the packages. The trainings are declined in modules and chapters.

Hosting of the trainings

The number of courses you can put online depends on the plan you choose:

  • Free : 1 training.
  • Startup : 5 trainings.
  • Webinar : 20 trainings.
  • Enterprise : unlimited trainings.

Get 30% off the annual subscription at the bottom of this article.

Training distribution

You have two ways to give access to your training :

  • full access : the complete training is avaible immediately.
  • Distilled access : the complete training is delivered progressively according to the criteria.

Training organization

The courses you create are organized into chapters that contain modules. A chapter is a file representing an important point of your training and the modules are your different resources (video, audio, text, PDF…) that allow you to achieve the objective of the chapter. Thus, the organization of your training is logical and easy to follow. Therefore, people do not need to be specialists to be trained.

Connection logs

The « webinar » or « company » plans allow you to activate student connection logs. In this way, you can follow their learning and study the parts to be reviewed in your training thanks to the duration of connection to each module of your students.

Integration of Zapier with

At the level of possible integrations, you can insert any software that offers HTML code to be entered. You can also use Zapier which is an automation software. This one works with during various events:

The triggers
  • New webinar registration : Triggers when a new visitor registers for a webinar.
  • New tag added to contact : triggers when a tag is added to a contact.
  • New optin : triggers when a visitor registers on your page.
  • New sale : Triggers when a new sale is made.
  • New completed campaign : is triggered when a contact completes a campaign.
The actions
  • Create or update a contact : including adding tags.
  • Remove tag : removes the tag from the contact.
  • Subscribe to the campaign : Subscribes the contact to the campaign.
  • Unscribe from a the campaign : unsubscribe the contact from the campaign.

The marketplace of

referral program has a marketplace. Thus, it is a place where you can discover the trainings or the physical products of the infopreneurs, companies or individuals who use These products and services are made available for you to promote them. You can earn money by receiving a commission on each sale. This is called affiliation. It’s a form of sponsorship of sorts.

The commissions offered as an affiliate on the marketplace depend on who put it online. does not intervene in the choice of the payout percentage. However, it acts as an intermediary between the seller and the affiliate without taking any particular commission.

The Marketplace offers a wide range of products in various fields such as :

  • money.
  • Healthcare.
  • Leisure.
  • Sprots, etc.

And various training subjects such as :

  • learning to sew.
  • Learning language.
  • Restoring a boat.
  • Online business, etc.

The marketplace is still recent and training courses are added daily. The choice is nevertheless significant and you will certainly find a product to make affiliation in the marketplace.

Affiliation with

Affiliation is an important part of which uses this method to continue to develop, but also so that the users can develop themselves too. This is why you will have the opportunity to earn commissions on the sale of products in the marketplace, but also through the promotion of the SAAS software itself.

  • As a trainer : on your account, you can allow your customers to become ann affiliate for your product. This way you can determine the percentage of commission assigned to the affiliate, determine the time for payment and allow a second level affiliate for which you will also give the percentage of earnings.
  • As an affiliate : you can participe in train-the -trainer, marketplaceand sofware training programs.
  • As an affiliate for : you can get a commission on the subscription of the software. So, you can earn 40% recurring commission on the affiliation you personally make, but also 5 % on the affiliation of your affiliates. review conclusion

review - the negative and positive points

Here is a summary of what can be retained from

The 3 negative points

The lack of templates is still obvious, although it is improving. Even if those present are sufficient to have a good conversion rate (they have all been tested) and can be customized, not everyone is creative and having a template that is the same as the neighbor’s is not necessarily pleasing.

If we take the user side, the interface can be further simplified on some points. It is also important to know at least the logic of a sales funnel to implement it. This is why it takes time to adapt.

We could regret that webinars are only evergreen replays, but it’s a bit logical in itself. is not a streaming platform and is not made for that.

To end the blame, the biggest problem in my opinion remains the impossibility to use your own autoresponder.

The positive points

The answering machine is a big advantage for a beginner. You were saying the opposite two minutes ago. Indeed, I think it would be good to leave the choice to people to use or not to use the proposed autoresponder and to have the possibility to use the platform for the creation of sales funnels, which does not prevent anything to the quality of the one proposed.

Having an integrated answering machine is an asset when you want to equip yourself for your online business. Being able to afford a complete package makes life easier.

Another advantage, when you don’t know anything about it, the autoresponder is already integrated and that freaks you out at the beginning when you have to start e-mail marketing. Here, the functions are well thought out and quite logical to understand. That’s why you don’t have to do anything to integrate your autoresponder, which is available as soon as you register.

You will love the unbeatable price. Indeed, the price remains the big strength of this software which offers an all-in-one Saas solution and limits the costs you could have if all the elements were taken separately to create your profitable online business.

You have a complete interface that allows you to start your online business quickly for a ridiculous price compared to the competition. In comparison, most of the almost identical solutions such as Clickfunnels, are at a price of 97 dollars per month, where as here we are at a price of 27 dollars per month for the cheapest rates. This proves that is a good alternative to Clickfunnels.

The affiliation management is rather well managed and allows you to promote your offers even if you don’t have an audience. Indeed, you can propose your products on the marketplace and find affiliates for your products.

At the moment we can say that is the ideal tool to automate and also start managing your online business if you want a powerful and economical product. The best is to get an idea by yourself about this software, that’s why I propose you a link that allows you to test for free. There is no need to hesitate. You can take advantage to sell your products as soon as you register. There is no commitment. But you will see, to try it is to adopt it.

3 disadvantages of

  • The imposed autoresponder.
  • The webinar option only available in evergreen.
  • Lack of templates.

8 advantages of

  • The price of the different plans.
  • The simplicity of building a sales funnels.
  • The sharing of sales funnels.
  • The possibility to add upsells and downsells.
  • Invoice edition.
  • The affiliate program.
  • The member aera.
  • The software that provides everything you need for online business. is a set of simple and powerful marketing tools that allows you to sell physical and digital products online.