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aurélien amacker

Aurelien Amacker is a French entrepreneur who started as a blogger and is now the founder of, an all-in-one solution for Internet marketing. But before getting there, it was a long journey.

Aurelien Amacker created his first company in Australia, and at the same time started a blog in order to tell his friends and family about his life there.

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The discovery of the business

Far from being the blogger as he is known today, Aurelien monetized his site through advertising, without much success, since it took him two years to earn 2.55 euros!

The story begins when he was working in the Paris region, Aurelien Amacker was attending forums dedicated to « the conquest of the opposite sex ».

He was reading a lot of books on personal development, which « opened his mind » to the possibilities of getting more out of life.

Through this forum, he began to meet all the bloggers who were working in the Paris area. Beginners, but also influential bloggers such as Michael Ferrari for example, who was a source of inspiration for Aurelien Amacker.

This is how he first met Olivier Roland and Sébastien Night.

At that time, thanks to a forum member who was trying to seduce again, he realized that some people were willing to pay large sums of money to solve one of their problems with coaching. That was the trigger for him. He understood that it was possible to make a living from his online business.

So he started training with a blogging big shot, like Yaro Starak, an Australian. This made him realize that you can make money with audio and PDF training for several hundred euros.

Every day, he worked on his blog and learned about web marketing by reading other blogs.

The first sales

He then followed several different techniques to monetize his blog. Notably advertising and partnerships with advertisers. Revenues started to climb, but from there to living off his blog was a long way off.

That’s when he created his first email address capture page on his blog.

Thus, the blog was going to become profitable. That’s when he decided to go traveling as his slogan « one year to earn my living on the Internet, travel the world and kiffer » foreshadowed. Departure for Poland.

In the meantime, Aurelien Amacker had created another blog, this one on entrepreneurship « » and developed his blog on the theme of personal development.

A little later, back in France, he created the forum in order to bring together bloggers and entrepreneurs interested in webmarketing.


The first steps in affiliation

It was also at this time that he became interested in affiliation to increase the income of his blogs.

So he started affiliating with Sebastien Night (the French marketer) and received his first big commission of 500 euros for a sale made for Sebastien’s webinar registration.

It was time to turn a corner.

So he contacted Sebastien Night and asked him to launch his first training. The launch cost several tens of thousands of euros. Aurelien Amacker broke his piggy bank to be able to finance the project which did not yet exist. A difficult situation for everyone, but is not an entrepreneur who wants to.

Given the amount of the check, he decided to create his company to get rid of his status of auto-entrepreneur.

The strategy: sell his product and then create it. Question his list to create the product that people are waiting for.

After a webinar organized with Sebastien, Aurelien created his training. He had his first customers waiting.

That’s when Olivier Roland brought his email list for the next webinar which was going to be a real hit with 9 500 euros of orders.

Some time later, to complete his blogs, Aurelien Amacker decided to create a video blog: «« .

Then came a conference of 200 people organized by Sebastien Night. This is where Aurelien took his first steps on stage as a speaker/actor since he had to shoot a video for a live sales page on stage. A beautiful anguish and a sleepless night in perspective…

After some time, on his return from Colombia, Aurelien Amacker began to work alone on his trainings. But a problem remained. The lack of people present on the webinars. It was time to stop.

Les lancements orchestrés

Back in Colombia in June 2011, Aurelien started working on a new product called « A blog that pays back in 31 days » and « blog win ».

The training was a success and allowed him to replenish his company’s cash flow. In 2012 he created a new blog to learn English  » « .

It was then with Sebastien as a coach and François (Sebastien’s cameraman) that a training course was filmed in Rio, which was going to be sold with a new method: the orchestrated launch. This was going to totally change Aurelien’s life.

One year of work for a launch on September 27th at 10 am. The enthusiasm was immediate. The orchestrated launch brought in the modest sum of 500,000 euros in two weeks.

Time passed and the idea of making a mastermind came to Aurelien. The first step was to become a lecturer.

He then began to create the seminar « Gagnez votre indépendance », followed by a second one « Créez et vendez » and then « Gagnez votre indépendance », an improved version of the first one, which was not conclusive with clients.

In 2014, the launches orchestrated boredom and he decided to go it alone.

His first book

Aurelien Amacker has published a first book: « Je gagne ma vie avec mon blog« . We find his beginnings in blogging and how he has been able to make his business profitable and sustainable.

livre: je gagne ma vie avec mon blog d'aurélien amacker

The beginning of

At the end of 2017, he launches to provide entrepreneurs with an interface that allows them to create sales tunnels connected with a self-responder (Sendiblue) and to sell his trainings, his online coaching or his physical products and give access to a private member space where students can follow the lessons.

The beginning of Systeme io was difficult. Aurelien Amacker first started the project with a Moroccan programmer who was unable to complete the project. The program suffered from numerous security breaches in terms of personal data. This cost the project a year and Aurelien $30,000. So he set out to find a new programmer, and it was on Upwork that he found his gem. A Russian programmer who could help him create the SAAS software he had in mind.

For the design part of he worked with Jason Cohen for an amount of $20,000.

Today, has become Aurelien Amacker’s main activity as founder.

His second book

In 2019, he will publish a new book entitled « L’indépendance financière pour tous« .

in which he explains different techniques to live free thanks to his business.

systeme-io-review is a set of simple and powerful marketing tools that allows you to sell physical and digital products online.