Create a blog with and make money online

Looking for a fast and cheap way to create your website or blog ? We are going to see the different steps to create a blog with that makes money. This option is integrated to the software whatever your subscription.

Why a blog function on ?

Initially, Aurélien Amacker wanted to use WordPress for his SAAS software. However, he quickly realized that WordPress was not the easiest solution for users.

The disadvantages of WordPress

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Creating a customizable blog on WordPress requires several things :

  • buying a domain name.
  • Get a hosting.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Install a theme.
  • Configure your theme.
  • Make WordPress settings.
  • Install plugins.
  • Set up the plugins.

In short, many steps not always easy to implement that can take a whole day to create.

The advantages of to create a blog

When you are a subscriber, you can of course create sales tunnels to earn money, but you also have a function that allows you to create your blog on for free.

This brings several advantages :

  • no need to host the blog.
  • No need to install plugins.
  • Afully customizable basic template.
  • No need for programming.
  • Ability to creat multiple blogs.
  • Blog optimized for Google referencing.
  • Copy your blog in one click.

For SEO, Aurélien called upon an Englishman, a great SEO professional that he has been following since 2010 as an entrepreneur. He is in charge of giving strategies and optimizing the structure of the blog for SEO.

Make a blog that makes money

create a blog

To start your blog, you must go to the « Blog » tab located on the top menu. You will arrive on a page that presents the different blogs you have created. Initially, this list is empty.

How to create a blog with

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The first thing to do is to register on To do so, You can register and use for free. Then click on the « Create Blog » button to start your blogging site. As you can see, the first page of creation consists of four pieces of information to provide :
  • the name of your blog : choose the name of your choice.
  • The blog’s domain name : you can indicae a domain name that belongs to you . This option is available for packages.
  • The URL path of the page : choose the URL address of your blog.
  • The template : only one choice available which is used as a basis for th creation of the blog.
Once created, you arrive back to the blog list where you can see the newly created blog.

The option menu for your blog

To the right of the name, you have several options available :

  • see the blog : you can have a preview of the blog.
  • Blog setting : to change the information of the blog (name, domain name or URL).
  • Duplicate blog : very useful if you do a lot of blogging.
  • Share the blog : this allows you to give the blog to a customer for example.

Edit your blog

To start editing your blog, simply click on the name of your blog.

Create a blog article

To add your first blog post, click on the button to the right « create a blog post ».

create a blog post

You are then asked several things :

  • a title : the title of your article.
  • A short description : a short summary of the content of your article.
  • The path : indicate the keyword of your article separated by the sign « -« . Like « sales-funnel » for example.
  • Image : select here the image that will appear on the article list page and that corresponds to the content of your article.

This will take you to the list of blog posts.

The option menu for your article

As for the blog, you have different options available on the right of the article name. So you can do several types of actions on the blog article :

  • see the article : you have a preview of the article.
  • Duplicate the article.
  • Change the item parameter (name, URL and description).
  • Publish the article : when you save your article, it is saved as a draft. You have to activate the publication to make it visible on your blog and index it on search engines.
  • Modify the article.
  • Delete the article.

Create a page of your blog

create a blog page

When you click on the « create a page » option, you have 3 pages already created. Thus, you will find the three following pages:

  • a home page.
  • The page that lists the articles.
  • A contact page.

Of course, you can create your own pages. The options available for the pages are the same as for your articles.

Create a blog that pays off with the page and article builder

create a blog with and his builder

The page builder is identical to the one used to create the sales tunnels. You have a series of elements that you can insert into your page by drag and drop.

Then you can change the properties of each element by a multitude of settings that allow you to adapt your page or article to the design of your blog.

You can modify each element or block directly on the page. Thus, you have a direct view of the page or article on the screen.

Modify the blog and article template

Once you have created and written the content of your articles and pages, you can change the templates to fit your blog.

A template represents the design that will surround your text. It includes the menu, the footer, the side columns and all the elements you want to add to it.

The template of the articles is built this way:

  • your text.
  • A part about the editor.
  • The comments.

The blog template is composed of :

  • a top menu for the navigation and the name of the blog .
  • A text aera defined by the content you have created.
  • A footer or footer with share buttons for social networks.

You can modify the different elements or blocks with the page builder of quickly.

Create a blog that makes money

To optimize and create a blog that pays off, you should think about integrating an email capture form to create a list of subscribers to your newsletter.

The advantage with is that you have everything at your fingertips. Thus, you will create a small product that you will offer in exchange for the email address. This is what we call a lead magnet.

People will be able to subscribe to your e-mail list thanks to a form on each of your pages or via a pop-up that you can easily insert on your blog.

This option is, in fact, available on each of your blog pages. Once the person subscribed to your e-mail list, you will be able to create with a sequence of e-mails automatically through the autoresponder or by creating newsletters and campaigns.

In this way, you can communicate with your subscribers to offer them your products and services.

Notice on the creation of blog with

review - the negative and positive points

This option allows you to create a site that is quickly available. It is very useful when you want to present an activity or a product without having to worry about hosting the blog.

However, it is not the ideal solution if you want an elaborate blog.

The functionalities are much more reduced than with a CMS like WordPress.

That’s why I recommend this solution if you don’t have a blog and you want a showcase.

For a professional use, prefer a solution like WordPress with dedicated hosting.

If you are interested in creating a blog on, you can register and use for free.

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