Create an opt-in page with and explode your business

To sell a physical product, a coaching service or a digital training, the essential tool to perform this action is without a doubt the autoresponder. Systeme io integrates the Sendgrid answering machine in all its offers. In addition, it allows you to create an opt-in form to increase your e-mail list. We will see how to create an opt-in page with to start your first sales funnel.

Starting an opt-in Page

You can register and use for free to start selling your products.

When you are on the interface, you can find a « sales funnel » tab in the menu.

When you click on it, you have the list of all the funnels you have created. Just click on create, at the top left to start creating your opt-in page.

create an opt-in page

You must then define the type of funnel you want to create. This is where you will select « build your audience » and give a name to your sales funnel which will aim to increase the number of subscribers to your email list for your newsletter and click on « create ».

Create an opt-in page with

You arrive on the main page of your sales funnel to build an audience. On the left, you have two pages available for this action:

overview of the otp-in page
  • the capture page.
  • The thank you page.

When you select the capture page, you must choose one of the available templates. There are about 20 templates that you can use as a basis for creating your capture page. You can preview the template before you select it.

After the selection, you will be able to set up and access the analyses of your opt-in page. To do this, you have five tabs available :

  • parameters.
  • Automation rules.
  • A/B test.
  • Statistics.
  • Sales.



Once on the « settings » tab, you will see the name of your page. Below, you can copy the link that gives access to your opt-in page to insert it on a call to action button on your blog for example.

Each URL has two parts: the base URL and the path to the page. By default, these are numbers, but you can customize the path to your URL.

Create an opt-in page with and the automation rules

automation rules

For your opt-in page, you need to define the automation rules. This corresponds to the action that should be executed when the person gives you their email address after clicking the call to action button.

A/B Testing

If you have a Webinar or Enterprise account, you can perform A/B tests on your opt-in page. That is, two versions of your page that the software will display alternately. After a certain number of visits to each page, you can determine which capture page converts best and remove the page that does not convert enough. A very small change on your opt-in page can double your subscribers. Testing your opt-in pages is essential.

To create your A/B test on your opt-in page, go to the appropriate sales funnel and then to your opt-in page. Then click on « A/B testing » and then on « create a new variant ». You then have two choices :

  • duplicate : duplicate the first version and modify it.
  • Create a new page : create a new version from 0.

Choose the form style you want to create. You can use the two radio buttons on the right :

  • the magic wand : to modify your page.
  • The eye : to see your page

You can now launch your test and follow the statistics table that shows the test result.


You have a data analysis table that provides a quick overview of the conversions made with your opt-in pages.

The table shows different values of your funnel for capturing email addresses. Thus, you will find :

  • the number of pages.
  • The number of registrants.
  • And the conversion rate.


The opt-in page is not used to sell a product or anything else, it only collects the visitor’s registration to your list. It does not generate any sales data. However, it allows you to know the number of people entering your sales funnel.

Change the appearance when you create an opt-in page

change the appearance of the opt-in page

Let’s go back to our parameter tab. On the right, you have an icon that represents a magic wand. Click on it if you want to modify your opt-in page with the Page Builder.

Note : You can also duplicate your page or preview it.

The Page Builder is made up of blocks into which you can insert items by drag and drop. It is very easy to use and allows you to customize your opt-in page according to the theme of your business.

Form Fields

The minimum data you need is the email address. However, it is possible to collect other information in your form :

  • city.
  • Intracommunity VAT number.
  • Company name.
  • Address.
  • First name.
  • Phone number.
  • Last name. Last name.
  • Postal code.
  • Country.

After entering on the capture page

The visitor has given his email address, you have to modify the second page of your funnel which corresponds to the thank you page. This page can be replaced directly by a sales page depending on your objective.

The modification of these pages is also done with the builder.

Create a pop-up

In your sales funnel, you can insert a pop-up instead of a capture page. This allows you to have a pop-up window that will propose the subscription to the newsletter.

This is the most efficient way to get more subscriptions to your email list on a site or blog.

HTML code is available for integrating the pop-up into your WordPress site. If you prefer to insert a form, the steps will be the same, it will also be done by inserting a code on your blog.

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