Sell a physical products with for your store

Most of the time, when we talk about a sales funnel, we think about digital products. However, it is quite possible to sell a physical products with that is very real. If you are a craftsman, a photographer or a product creator. You will be able to do it in a few minutes thanks to which will allow you to build a sales funnel and sell products automatically. This is what we will see together.

Sell a physical products on

create a new product

To add your physical product, you must go to the « sales » tab and then « products ».

When you then click on  » create  » a pop-up appears where you can indicate the name of your product and then the VAT rate to be applied to this product.

Once validated, your physical product on sale on is created. You arrive on the list of products. It is not finished yet.

If your product has specific characteristics, click on the button named « Add a new variant » located at the top.

This is where you can indicate different variants available for your customer. For example: « Color », « size », « dimension », « weight » whatever you want.

For each variant you can indicate the corresponding options, for example for « color » you indicate the available colors such as « blue », « green », « yellow », etc.

list of products

Don’t worry, you can change these values later.

The product is now ready. You can create a sales funnel to sell a product.

Do not apply VAT for the sale of products

You have the option of not charging VAT to your customers when they buy a product from you.

To apply this function, you need to click on your profile and then go to « payment page settings ».

At the bottom of the page, uncheck the box « do not charge VAT to customers when selling products » and save.

Start a marketing funnel to sell a physical products

To start the conversion funnel that will allow you to sell a physical products, you have to go to the « sales funnels » tab located in the top menu.

sell a physical products

Create a sales funnel

A pop-up window will appear with various information to be filled in:

  • the name of the sales funnel: indicate the name of your choice.
  • The currency: choose which currency you use to sell your product.

Then select the option « Sell your products » and click on « create ».

Dashboard of the sales funnel of

Your new funnel, to sell a product, is composed of two pages: an order form page and a thank you page.

Complete your sales funnel by adding an opt-in page (capture page), a sales page and a payment page to your sales funnel.

Several templates are available for the order form (payment page). It’s up to you to see what suits you best. Once this one is chosen, you can start setting up this page.

Parameterization of the payment page (order form) to sell a physical products

At the parameter level, you first have the name of the page and the URL that corresponds to it. Initially, numbers make up this URL. You can customize it with a name of your choice.

You can allocate affiliate commissions and allow others to promote your offer. To pay your affiliates, determine the payment term.

The next step is to select « resource » which will be given next. Select « physical product » in our case.

Then choose the type of payment your customer will be able to use in « offer price » section. You can create a Stripe or Paypal payment, in cash or in several monthly installments.

Depending on your subscription, you can create discount vouchers. Thus, you can indicate for this one :

  • coupon name.
  • A personalized code for the coupon.
  • A type of discount to apply (percentage or absolute value).
  • An expiration date.
  • The number of possible uses.
create a coupon for a shop with

Edit the payment page to sell a product

On the page editor, you have a number of elements that you can use. Add the « product » element by dragging and dropping it on the payment page. Then select the « offer price » element and add it to your page as well.

The available variations will be displayed. The customer will be able to select several items of the same color for example, but will not be able to select different colors on the same purchase order.

That’s all it takes to sell a physical products with and the creation of a sales funnel. Thus, you have done everything you need to make your first sales.

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