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From the « webinar » plan, you can create a coupon and integrate it into your offers. It’s an easy step to take in hand. We will see in this article how to create these coupons. coupon creation

To start creating your promotional code on you must click on the « sales » tab at the top and select « coupon code ».
create a coupon for a shop with

You arrive on the list of your discount vouchers. You can do various searches on them when you have a lot of them. For example, you can search for coupons by indicating :

  • the name.
  • Discount code.
  • The type of reduction (percentage or absolute value).

If you want to create a new voucher, you click on « create » and you will land on this page : coupon

you have several things to indicate to create your coupon:

  • a name: to find it easily in your list when you do a search.
  • The code of the coupon : a name of your choice.
  • The type of discount: indicate here if it is an absolute discount, for example « 10 » then the currency of your choice, or if it is a percentage discount.
  • Choose an expiration date for your voucher: if you leave the field blank, the voucher will have no time limit.
  • Maximum number of uses : if the field is empty there is no limitation in the number of uses of the coupon.

Integrate the coupon

Once your coupon is created, you must integrate it into your sales funnels and on your order form. The action takes place in two steps.

Integration of the coupon in the sales funnel

Click on the « sales funnels » tab at the top of the menu, then select the sales funnel concerned. Then go to the bottom of the page.

Click on the « + » on the right.

A pop-up appears. You must select the name of the voucher that will be used for your sales tunnel and click on « save ».

selection of the order form

Your coupon now appears in the list. Don’t forget to save your sales funnel step again.

recording the stage of the sales funnel

Integrate the promotional coupon into the payment form

  • Now select the order form page of your sales tunnel in the left column.
  • Select the magic wand on the right to edit your page.
  • Select the « promotion » item in the left column and drag and drop this item below the means of payment, before the purchase order total as shown in the image below.
integrate the order form

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