How to sell online with in automatic – art, products, training

How to sell online with ? Whether you are a sports coach, an infopreneur, a craftsman or a freelancer, if you have a product to sell on the internet, you need an adapted tool. Whether it is photos, art, coaching, training or any physical or digital product, you will be able to use a software that will do it automatically. This software is called

What is the 7-step for?

We will see what it consists of and how you will be able to use this software for your business. I’ll explain how it works if you’ve never sold products on the Internet. It will allow you to understand how a sales funnel and an autoresponder works and how you can sell online and give access to your product or training if that is the case. To do that, we’ll get started right away. But first, click on this link to register to

1. The capture page to sell online

popup example

The first thing that is going to happen in is that we are going to create a capture page.

A capture page is actually a form where people will be able to put their email address in exchange for a newsletter subscription or in exchange for a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is in fact a bonus that you will give. For example, it could be a free training course, it could be an ebook or whatever. Something that is attractive in your theme and that you will offer in exchange for people’s email addresses.

This product, you will be able to send it automatically via an auto-responder message to your new prospect.

2. Subscribe to the list

The beginning of the use of it consists in using a capture page which will thus recover an email address.

This email address will then be integrated into a list. This list will include all the contacts you will have.

That is to say, you have a single list in which all the people are going to find themselves. Once they have subscribed, you will find for example the first name and email address of each person in this list.

The tags

To differentiate precisely the people who will subscribe to this list and according to the capture page that you will propose…

Let’s imagine that you offer a training on YouTube and a training on blogging.

What would be nice is to have two capture pages. One capture page for people who are interested in YouTube and another capture page for people who are interested in blogging.

To be able to differentiate between these two people since we only have a unique list, we will assign a tag to each person. The tags will allow you to differentiate the people in your list. A tag is actually a label. It’s a small annotation that we will put on each contact to differentiate them.

Each time you do it, you’ll have the possibility to have as many pages of captures as you want and to know where the people who have subscribed come from.

Then you can send messages to sell online that will be personalized according to the product you offer, for example.

3. How to sell online with the sales funnel and

funnel marketing to sell online

Once these people are on the list, they will be able to meet in the sales funnel. Because usually, we capture the e-mail and then we take the person to a sales funnel that will offer them your offer.

A sales funnel is actually a series of pages that will consist of a sales page that will offer your product and then you can add an order form so that the person can buy your product or service. This is a technique used to sell a product online.

You have the possibility to add complementary products. These are going to be offers that have a higher value called upsells or offers that have a lower value called downsells. The person will be able to decide to choose all the offers that suit him and validate his order. And then they will receive a thank you page to thank them for their purchase.

Once people have entered your sales funnel, so you’ve made your sale, etc.. You can also subscribe these people to an email list. There are three kinds of mail lists.

  • The campaigns
  • The newsletter
  • Automation

4. Campaigns to sell online

create an audience

The difference is that a campaign will act, according to a given cycle. That is to say, you will decide that the person will receive a first message at the time of registration, then two days later they will receive another message three days later they will receive another message, etc.

You will in fact establish a chronology of your messages so that you can send them to the person. It’s a sequence of automatic mails.

Therefore, once the person is subscribed to your capture page and entered in your list, you will be able to send them a sequence of automatic mails to sell online with

5. The newsletter

e-mail marketing

Then we have the newsletters. The newsletters are messages that you will be able to make on the fly. That is to say that you’re going to be able to send them whenever you want.

You can send them immediately or you can schedule them and according to specific dates and a specific schedule. You will be able to create a relationship with the new prospect.

6. How to sell online with the automation automation

We then have the messages in automation. The messages in automation are in fact messages that you program, depending on the behavior of the person.

Let’s imagine that you send a message. You look to see if the person has such tags. At that point, you send them another message because they have that tag.

Or it could be that they clicked on a link. You make them say, « Did the person click on a link? yes/no ». If they clicked on the link, we make them do something. In the case where the person has not clicked, we make him/her do other actions.

This way, you will be able to organize the sending of messages, according to the person’s behavior, and really have targeted messages, according to the behavior of the people. This is what we call segmentation.

As you go along, you’re going to reduce your list more and more. Your list of people who are going to receive messages. But these people will be more and more qualified. That way you can send messages to only one part of your list or to all your contacts.

You will be able to create your messages according to well defined criteria that you will have set beforehand. This is a very efficient method to sell online.

7. The sales page

create an online store

Once these people receive automatic messages. To sell online, the sales page is used. Very often the sales funnel leads back to a sales page and also your newsletters, campaigns or automation.

You will usually link to a sales page to make sales with your auto-responder.

Once the person has made a sale. That he has made his purchase. At this time, the person will be able to directly access a member space on which is also included in the subscription.

You have the right to host up to three trainings in the first package of

Then, once connected to this member space, he or she has the possibility to access his or her digital training.

Which is: either text or videos, it’s up to you.

To summarize the use of

And so here is the great principle to create systems of sale on Internet to sell your products is to use a software like which will allow you to recover the contacts.

  • You make a capture page to retrieve email addresses.
  • It redirects to a sales funnel.
  • You send a mailing campaign.
  • You present your sales page.
  • The customer buys and accesses the member area.

Systeme io offers VAT management for the sale of your products.

This will also allow you to make your first sales and see if the software is right for you.

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