autoresponder : create a newsletter and campaigns email for your business

The newsletter (news letter) allows you to communicate with your subscribers on your various news, offers or news. It allows you to build a lasting relationship between your brand and your audience. It invites people to come back to your blog, your store or your website and allows you to make sales. We will see how to create a newsletter with the autoresponder in order to use it in your business.

What is a newsletter?

It is a simple message in the form of an email that is sent to all or part of an audience selected from an email list. It serves as a means of communication for a brand to get in touch with the subscribers of its e-mail list.

Create a newsletter with the autoresponder

To start creating your first e-mail, go to the top menu of and select « Newsletters ». A button appears on the right. Click on  » + create a newsletter « .

Here we are. Let’s see the three parts that make it up.

The form

At the beginning, you have a limitation that is applied to your account on the speed of message transfer. However, this limitation quickly disappears with the use of your mailbox.

The subject of your message

The first field of the form corresponds to the subject of your message. It must be convincing !

It determines whether your message is read. So, find a sentence that makes you want to know more.

There are a few good practices you should follow to make your message more likely to pass the spam filters. This increases your deliverability rate (messages that reach their destination) and decreases the number of messages that go into junk mail or advertising.

So, when writing your headline, avoid the following things:

  • use commercial terms.
  • Words such as « promotion », « sales », « discount », « new », etc., are not acceptable.
  • Capitalization.
  • Long titles.

Also ask your subscribers to bookmark your email address in their address book.

sender’s name and email address

create a newsletter

You will indicate your name or the name of your brand as well as the email address that will send the message (an email address containing a domain name).

The body of the e-mail

In this part, you will be able to write your message to create a newsletter. You have different options available for the formatting of your text :

  • the size of the text.
  • Put the text in blof.
  • In italics.
  • Underline it.
  • Change background color of the text.
  • Change the text color.
  • Make bulleted lists.
  • Making quotations.
  • Center, right, left or justify your text.
  • Add title and paragraph tags.
  • Put a URL link (except freemium accounts).
  • Add anchors.
  • Add images.
  • Insert a line.
  • Put special characters.
  • Add a table.
  • Insert substitue variables that correspond to the recipient’s information (last name, first name, address, etc.).

Create a newsletter with the autoresponder : settings

On the right, you have the settings panel that allows you to configure your newsletter.

Add an attachment

You can add an attachment and select a file on your computer to create a newsletter. Your subscribers will then be able to download the file when they open the message.

Send only one email to these contacts

It is possible to specify if you want to send your message to new registered contacts that have a specific tag. Or to send the newsletter to people who registered several days ago.

You can test your spam score, which is a score given to your message and thus determine whether your message will arrive as junk mail.

Create a newsletter with the autoresponder and include the tags.

make capaign marketing with

It’s time to select the list(s) to which you are going to send your message. That’s why you need to choose the tags that correspond to the segment of your contact list. People who meet this criterion will receive your message under the condition that they are not part of your exclusion tags as well.

Exclude tags

Each subscriber has several tags that correspond to him according to the actions he may have performed in the past. Thus, the same contact can have a multitude of tags.

To refine the sending of your e-mails, you can exclude tags so that people do not receive your message. Thus, all people who have the specific tags you indicate here will be excluded from the mailing list even if they have a tag to include. Thus, the exclusion list has priority when sending a message.

Create a newsletter with autoresponder and substitute variables

Substitute variables are used to insert in a message the specific contact data of the person receiving the message. Thus, you can personalize your message by adding, for example, the person’s first name, last name, address, etc.

When this person receives his message, he can read « hello John » instead of « hello ». This personalizes the communication.

Sending the message

Once you have written your message and adjusted the settings, you can then click on the « save and prepare to send » button.

If you wish, you can send yourself a test message to check that all the links contained in your emails are active and redirect to the relevant pages.

After this test, you can set when the message should be sent. Plan the time to send your message and select the corresponding time zone when you have finished creating a newsletter.

Your message will be sent according to your settings.

You can resend the same message to people who have not opened it from the table in the « newsletters » tab. Then simply search for your message in the list and click on the « resend » button on the right.

Increase your deliverability rate on the autoresponder

You must contact technical support and indicate your domain name and the name of the domain name platform (OVHCloudflare, etc.) so that support can give you a list of CNAME records to integrate into your web host.

This allows you to increase your deliverability rate by using an autoresponder that is confirmed with your web host. Thus, using an email address with a domain name ensures you a greater number of messages that reach their destination.

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