training space : a member space dedicated to learning

When you sell a product, whether it is coaching or digital training, you must be able to provide access to that product. We are going to see how to create a training space to give access to your trainings.

The training space

If a customer registers on a payment page, manually or on a capture page, he receives an automatic thank you email with his name and login details for the member area.

Once logged in, the customer has an overview of the different training courses he has bought or received on and can choose the one he wants to take.

The member space allows the customer to follow the training courses thanks to an interface that groups together the different modules and chapters to be followed.

The trainings are accessible for life. This is why it allows you to follow them at your own pace without worrying about storing files on your computer.

You can try and create your first member space for free, which allows you to get an idea of the potential of the software.

Create a training space

Choose « my trainings » by clicking on the « Sales » tab in the top menu. The list of all your trainings appears, then click on « create ». Now, you access the page that allows you to set up your new member space.

Here is the information you must enter:

  • A name for the training.
  • The description.
  • Images for your training.
  • The path: fill in the URL with the name of your choice.
  • The main color of the interface.
  • HTML code: optional, added in the footer of all your training pages (a tracking code or chat software or other).
  • The domain name of the training if you have one.

Create training modules

illustration for online school

You have created your training, at least the parameters. The second step is to create your training itself.

To do this, you can add a new module. Then, give a name to your first module of your training (you can choose to display or not, this title for your students).

You are then invited to create your first chapter. Thus, you have to give a name to your chapter and then a description of what the student will find in it.

You can then select an image to illustrate this chapter which can be text, audio or video. If you don’t want to give the whole accessible training at once, you can determine the unlocking of the chapter, according to a given time.

This is handy if you only want the students in your training to have access to one video a day, for example.

When you choose to create a chapter, you are directly redirected to the page builder.

You can add blocks to the page to finalize the construction of your chapter.

Once finished, you can save it and also continue to add other chapters to your module or create a new module for your training.

Adding Students to your training space

woman sitting and studying

As you might expect, you can add students manually to follow the training.

When adding the student, you can choose whether the student will have full access to your training or only in the distilled form of the training, i.e. access in several times.

The packages

Depending on the package you are subscribed to, you can add more or less courses to your member space.

You have three different packages at your disposal. Sign up  and test the hosting of your trainings and member space for free.

Monthly subscriptions

There are 4 types of monthly subscriptions for Here are the prices:
  • Free : 0$ per month. 1 training.
  • Startup : 27$ per month. 5 trainings.
  • Webinar : 47$ per month. 20 trainings.
  • Enterprise : 97$ per month. Unlimited trainings.

Annual subscriptions

You can take advantage of 30% off the annual plan with the links below:

The migration of your business by is free if you take an annual subscription (value of 1997$).

Hosting of training space

The hosting of your training courses is included in your package. The files are hosted on the Cloud and takes care of the storage management. Thus, there are no additional costs and your trainings remain available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

You are not limited to the number of videos you post for your training, however, the file size must not exceed 2 GB.

Save connection logs

You can now save your students’ connection logs. The functionality has been integrated in order to allow trainers who are approved in France to be certified as a training organization to be able to justify that their students have followed the courses.

Enable the login feature

Available from the « webinar » plan, the retrieval of connection logs is a feature that will allow you to have your training courses for your students supported by funding agencies. Thus, your customers will be able to get reimbursed for your training.

To be able to export your students’ logs, you must also activate this option beforehand.

To do this, click on the small arrow next to your profile picture and also select « Member site settings ».

select user in

Then click on « record student activity« . Login : extract the logs of the connected persons

When you are on the dashboard, go to the « sales » tab and then « my trainings » in the top menu.

The list of your trainings is displayed. Therefore, go to the training of your choice by clicking on it.

You will then arrive on the content of your training. At the top, you have a blue button named « students ». So, click on it to access the complete list of the students of your training.

Find the student for whom you want to export the logbook with his e-mail address.

The student’s name appears with his or her address next to it. Just click on the e-mail.

You have access to his student file where you can see the different accesses he has to the courses. To export the connection logs in CSV format, click on the blue button to the left of the course name.


You can open the file with Excel or Open office and view the student’s data:

Logbook information


Here are the different information present on the connection logs of :

  • The name of the trainee.
  • The training period.
  • A name for the training.
  • The name of your company.
  • The list of the student’s sessions: date, duration of connection, the name of the module and the chapter.

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